Holiday Traditions

We don’t have a lot of traditions. I have never been too good at that. My family never had traditions while I was growing up. My husband isn’t really a hands on person so he doesn’t really do much with us anyway. So, it falls solely on me to try to figure this out and create traditions for my children.

I play Christmas music and we watch just about every Christmas movie ever made throughout the season. We go looking at lights and stop at Sonic for junk food supper afterwards. We do the elf thing. We only open one present on Christmas Eve. We bake cookies and decorate them together. Which is very hard for me because the kids make a mess and of course the cookies come out looking all crazy. They don’t care though. It is just fun for them.

This year, I thought we could try our hand at a gingerbread house. Apparently, one must have patience for building those things. You have yo wait for the icing to dry and harden a bit for it to really stick. As we mostly know, patience is not a strong suit in small children. Especially Preschool aged children. All thought of a beautifully crafted and decorated gingerbread house went out the window. We compromised though. We created a story for the rubble and added a dinosaur for fun! I think the kids loved this version more.

It sure is memorable.

I asked a few friends what their traditions are. They sure have great ideas. One person said their family does a scavenger hunt to find their gifts!

I would love any more suggestions.

What are your families holiday traditions? Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, I’d love to hear!

A step back into the Prehistoric…

Today, my mom and I, took the turkeys on a little adventure. We surprised them with a road trip. We didn’t tell them where we were going or why, just said to get dressed and get in the car.
The ride itself was relatively quick and completely painless. The kids read books and talked to each other. Only one asked how long until we got there. We only had to make one potty break. Oh! and no one hit each other! Did I mention, our trip was only an hour away?! Even so, and hour is an eternity for my crew but I think they were just excited for the change of scenery as we have been mostly stuck in the house as of late.
Do you want to know where we went? If the title doesn’t give you a hint… We surprised the kids with a trip to the Prehistoric Park. It is basically a zoo of dinosaurs if anyone doesn’t know! I wish I would have caught the expressions on their faces when we pulled up and saw the big old Brachiosaurus at the entrance! 19679040_1599651326714415_6550840845730497423_o
We didn’t quite know what to expect and the place has mixed reviews but all kids love dinos so we chanced it. It is mostly statues of the dinosaurs with the stands that have their information. A roar and other dinosaur sounds can be heard throughout the park on the speakers. Miss Diva was a little frightened at first but she warmed up after a few dinos. It was really neat to see, first hand, just how big they would have been. You see on movies and shows them compared to people but it is a whole other experience to see their greatness up close. The boys were excited to see each dinosaur and just the experience in general. Of course, K spouted off all of his extensive dinosaur knowledge for us and the other guests. He also got a kick out of the little random jokes that were posted. I do believe their favorite part was the gift shop though! Toward the end there were some animatronic dinosaurs that moved. That was pretty cool!


After we finished with the gift shop we enjoyed the little park area and fossil dig for a while. We did lunch at Piccadilly and stopped off at a small Alligator sanctuary on the way home.

Overall it was a great day. I was pleasantly surprised because I tend to overthink our outings and end up stressing the whole time. I managed to stay calm and actually enjoyed myself today which we all needed. A fun day, doing family stuff, and enjoying it!

I almost forgot! We got to see and hold an actual Mosasaurus fossil! 19488670_1599608166718731_7167056308985593060_o.jpg