Hello from the other side…

Ok, Yes. Huge Adele Fan here!

As you may know, My name is Shelly and this blog is my own little therapeutic life session to talk about myself, my kids, and my daily struggles navigating this mom life. I live with my family in a quaint little town down in the boot (that’s Louisiana).

This blog was created in June 2017, so yes, I am a newbie. I enjoy writing and talking about myself and kids, so I figure I should give this a shot. I hope you will find my life at least somewhat interesting and insightful and you will stick around and subscribe and share.

I graduated High School many moons ago and have spent the better half of my life doing the mom and wife thing. I started my family young and therefore didn’t continue to pursue my higher education goals. I keep saying, “Once they are all in school I can go back!” We are almost to that point, so I will let you know how that works out.

When I am not refereeing for the wild turkey children or chauffeuring them to appointments, I enjoy binge watching Netflix shows, drinking coffee, and pinning home d├ęcor and party ideas on Pinterest.