The Big Jump… To medicate or not?

I have always been against medicating children. I swore I would never medicate any of my children. I was against even using Tylenol or Motrin unless necessary. I didn’t even take medicine myself unless absolutely necessary.

Then I actually became a mom. Ha!

Pregnancy was rough. I stayed sick and everything hurt.

Mr. K scared us to death when he had his first febrile seizure at just a few weeks old. After that, anytime he was feverish I had the Tylenol ready.

Once we finally got his ADHD diagnosis everyone asked if we would medicate him. It has been a struggle and it has been hard for him. When we FINALLY got the Aspergers diagnosis too, I was asked again about medicating. I have been adamant about not medicating for that until absolutely necessary.  He has had a very rough couple of years in school and some not so great teachers. He has been struggling to stay focused. He has struggled with keeping his assignments in order.

While he has matured a lot in the last year with middle school on the horizon we have been playing around with the idea of trying out medication. I sat him down and discussed it a little with him. We asked a few of his peers who are on medication their view. We spoke with his Behavioral Therapist and also a trusted teacher friend. Together, we decided to give it a try. With puberty coming at any time and the craziness of Middle School we just feel it is worth a shot.

Our hopes are that it will help him to focus so he can get his work done. We all know they have so much work these days. We hope it helps him find a calm in the midst of all the chaos.

We have officially begun the journey to try medications. We have spoken with the doctor at our therapy group. We had our first appointment with the nurse to get history and fill out paperwork. (There is so much paperwork!) We have had his labs done. Phew. Which he totally rocked the blood draw. He did better than me when I had to have it done!

I am anxious about this step. I don’t want it to change him. He is amazing as is. Always has been, always will be.

Author: Shelly's Life: Piece by Piece

Mom of four. Living with depression and anxiety. One child on the spectrum.

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